My Buttons won't work after placing them into working file

My buttons won’t work for some reason. I have them work in a different demo file but in my main project folder, nothing. I’ve tried just using DIVs to scroll but that didn’t work out either. My buttons are supposed to be set up next to the H4 but I will take any suggestion that works. The buttons are supposed to just be a simple click and then information is shown. Click again, and it goes back up. And right now there is no CSS

	<div class="container">

<h4>Simple Collapsible</h4>

  <p>Click on the button to toggle between showing and hiding content.</p>

  <button type="button" class="downarrow" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#">&#8597;</button>

  <div id="demo" class="collapse">

    Yes, it is! Picklesburgh is very real, and we’re about to celebrate its fifth year, which is kind of a big dill. This annual festival showcases Downtown Pittsburgh’s pickled history and culinary ingenuity. It’s a culinary celebration that goes beyond the dill pickle to include international dishes, prepared foods and artisan cocktails that feature pickled ingredients; an embrace of the farm-to-table movement and the rising popularity of canning; a selection of handcrafted foods and artisan cocktails from local restaurants; informative how-to demos and author talks at our demo area; merchandise such as pickled goods, books and DIY products.



That’s not a lot of information to go on… can you describe your project and how you set up your buttons? You can post the code here, use three backticks right before the code and then right after.

Thank you for the reply! I have clarified the problem a bit more to help you help me. I also have the code shown

Oh, is this a Bootstrap site? I only just started learning Bootstrap a week ago or so.

What I am seeing is that your data-target in the button is empty. That should be the id of the item you want to collapse, so #demo.

If in doubt, you can always copy a working bit of code from the Bootstrap documentation and just modify it or take out stuff until it’s what you want. Kind of reverse-engineering, I guess?