My calculator check me out give me 2 cents

That’s my calculator. Was working pretty hard to figure it out so your critics on logic an design throw in me hard.

Also need some word of help to figure out some of my problems.

When I have more than 15 numbers my display geta broken and numbers just keeps going outta box. Was thinking to make changing class to decrease font on numbers, but a already have conditional rendering. Is there such a thing as deep conditional rendering??

Second once I pit the operator my display showing zero cuz I’m updating the State. I believe if I could use ShouldComponentRender and start rendering only when I press the button and not render anything while typeing operator.

Thank yyou for your time campers and share your point of view with me! Appreciate you feedback.
Thanks to FreeCodeCamp for sharing knowledge!

Meanwhile will start work on pomodoro clocks

Up! because I didn’t get any feedback from my dear campers

Looks pretty good. I just finished my calculator myself. Your display is resetting to 0 whenever an operation key is hit so it can be challenged to check that the calculations were entered correctly. Visually, one thing I noticed is because you add a border when you hover over the numbers, they bounce around a bit as there isn’t a border when not hovering. Perhaps adding a invisible border would solve that issue.

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