My calculator is ready for your opinions!

I am not super happy with it. But I kind of need to hear what others think of it.

Here it is …

Overall, it looks good. The calculator allows you to enter as many numbers as you want and prints them out of them outside of the display.

The calculator is a little too small, it would be nice if it was a little larger.

thanks for looking! I agree with your observations. I will fix shortly. Thanks so much.

it doesnt multiply by 0. Great job , just make it a bit bigger :slight_smile:

For the number going over the box, one solution I recommend is looking over the ‘overflow’ CSS property which is basically the scrollbar option. Once you put that in you could also design it to be a little less obstructive, if you wish. Just one of many solutions.

Not for counting your money, actually

try these:
or 0.1+0.2
1 + 0.99999999999999

thanks so much for you advice and solutions!