My Calculator Project - would love any feedback, good or bad

It’s good keep it up , well i didn’t find any issue in your project so great job.
Happy Coding

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@BlueAlps I say,

  • make the size of the calculator bigger for desktops and tablets.
  • Increase the size of the numbers in the blue area.
  • I suggest a monospace font for numbers (they all have the same width).
  • make a button to change the theme?
    That is all I can think of right now.

It is working, so great job on the Javascript!

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There is a bug. After doing a calculation, if you input a new number to start a new calculation, it appends it to the current number instead of clearing it and showing the new number.

ex. 5 x 2 = 10
(now i want to do 3 + 2 so I press ‘3’)
it shows ‘103’, add by 2 and = 105.

You should try to fix it so it’ll start a new calculation (in this case, 3 + 2 = 5).

Other than that, it works pretty well. Good job!

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@codemamba Thank you. I’ve just fixed that bug :slight_smile:.

@brandon_wallace Thank you. I made the switch to a monospace font, and it does look better.

Nice calculator! Looks and feels great. Love the minimal design.

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