My calculator :)

less bugs :rofl:

= button is wrapping onto the next line:


Also, you can add the Bootstrap CSS in the CSS tab in settings (search bootstrap in the search box, and add it there)), you don’t need to add it into the <head>

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first, thank you for feedback… :slightly_smiling_face:
i know about bootstrap…i’m just changing sizes but button is not wrapping :smile:

It’s because you’ve set the width for .large to 47%. If you use pixels (same as the rest of the widths), it’ll fix it - width: 190px slots them in fine as far as I can see:



@DanCouper i changed it,thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

oops :laughing:
of course, calculator don’t let to write large numbers, but i doesn’t think about numbers containing ‘e’ :thinking:

404 (Page Not Found) :roll_eyes:

Thank you I also changed it