My career advice site

Hi everyone,

I’ve been lurking in the forums for a while helping folks out here and there. Over the past several years I’ve written several small pieces of career advice on resumes, cover letters, general interview format, things to study, etc, plus my 6-week daily email series.

Now it’s all up on one site:

I’ll still be around on the forums to help, but wanted to share this a little more publicly. I’m always happy to take feedback on the content, and to accept ideas on additional content to add.

Ian Douglas


Just gave this a brief look. It looks nice, layout-wise, and seems to have some useful content.

I did find that some links on the front page are broken as well as some in the content itself. It also looks as though some sections have yet to be fleshed out (marked “no content yet!” or labeled “draft:”). I suggest removing those unfinished sections until you have the content in place, as it may take away from the site a bit depending on the reader.

Aside from the few notes above, it’s looking good and seems like it could make a good resource.

Thanks @robertgroves. I was aware of a few 404’s but found quite a lot once I ran it through some broken-link scanners. That much is all fixed.
I’m okay with having missing content for now. My “changelog” shows users when I add new material and I’ll be working over the coming weeks to get much of that written up as well.
Thanks again for checking it out and providing feedback.