My Challenges with Tribute Page

I dont have idea on what to do again. Please I need assistance. Can someone help me to figure out how to achieve the stated objectives here.

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hello there
you have a problem with your script tags
try to paste your code here after the script or fix it in your link

Welcome, esther.

There are a few syntax issues in your code. Remember: CodePen has a built-in analyser tool. Use it.

Hope this helps

okay, will keep trying

Thanks a lot, I have corrected the script tag but still scoring low points.

this is not a valid element name: <img-div id="image">, delete this one.
you should give the id="image", to the image. You have given id="img-caption" to the image, that should be the id of the caption/description of the image

you should maybe also make the link to extra infos more visible, instead you have made the image a link, with no indication that it is a link.

I don’t think it is everything, but it is a start.

okay, let me try it out

Thank you all for your help. I have passed the test. You can recheck

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<h5><em><strong>"Irreplaceable Mother"</em></strong></h5>

If you open first the em and then the strong, you need to first close strong and then em, you can’t do as you did here

<a target="_blank" href="" id="tribute-link"> </a>

you need to make this link clickable, and that means putting some text inside the element.
If you want it to be a dead link, you can write href="#", but if you have a link to say “go here for more infos” it would be better.

you have a few misplaced tags: you have a different number of opening <div> tags and closing </div> tags, they need to be the same number, and matched.

Your image element is missing an alt attribute - what should your image represent?
You are asked to use a visual rapresentation of the subject of your page.

Thanks, dear. Corrections noted and effected