My city offers free courses for beginners. What would you advise for me to sign up?

I already have good knowledge in front end and graphic design. I am interested in something else but I am not sure what is the demand/salary. So I am seeking your help to decide. The courses that my city is offering for free are these, which one do you suggest for me to participate?

  • Java programming
  • Web apps (programming basics, object oriented programming, databases, web front end)
  • Front end web programming (Java Script, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, SEO…)
  • JavaScript (basic of programming, JS technologies)
  • PHP programming
  • .NET programming

Thanks! :slight_smile:

All of it! Just in order of interest…

Only one unfortunately :(:persevere:

Ok, then java or .net next. Go onto yout local job search server and decide by seeing which one has more listings. Java jobs or .net ones.

If you’re interested in the “Demand/Salary” for a particular field you should take a look at Stackoverflow’s Anual Developer Survey (2018). It should help make an objective and informed decision. You’ll find cool things like what’s the highest anual salary for developer that uses a particular language.