My code doesn't appear in my screen

Hello people i was trying to figured out my code doens’t appear in my screen here is the codepen
and the other page of “main.js”

`import WorkoutTracker from “./WorkoutTracker”;

const app = document.getElementById(“app”)

new WorkoutTracker(app)`

with this should appear in my screen but i don’t know what’s wrong

  • This code doesn’t appear anywhere in your Pen.
  • CodePen’s HTML editor should only contain the contents of a body tag. The html and head syntax is handled by CodePen.
  • You don’t appear to have imported React into your CodePen.
  1. You do not have the code you posted in the Codepen so you are not instantiating the class and passing it the element.
const app = document.getElementById("app")
new WorkoutTracker(app)
  1. The static html method has to return the template literal.

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