My code doesn't pass the last test

Hey there. I am doing the Visualize Data with a Bar Chart project in Data Visualization Course.

Here’s my pen:

I followed this video to write my code since I didn’t know how to combine everything I learnt from the course:

For easier access of the code that I wrote mine based on, here is the source code for the Youtube video:

I think my code is identical to the source code except for the CSS part. But my code won’t pass the last test, where it requires the tooltip to have a data-date property that corresponds to the data-date of the active area.

Another question that I encountered is, although my code past user story 13, when I mouse over the graph, it doesn’t actually show the extra information. Again, I don’t know where went wrong with my code because I couldn’t find the difference between my code and the source code, which passed all the test and worked perfectly.

Could someone please help me with this. Thank you!!!

  • Chris

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