My code passes each test individually, but not all at once

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I don’t understand why my code won’t pass the challenge even though it returns the expected sum for each test parameter when I manually put them in.

For example, the parameter in the code below is 75025. When I execute, the test for 75025 passes but all others fail. If I change the parameter to 75024 and execute, the test for 75024 passes, but all others (including the 75025 test which just worked) fail.

Any ideas?

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let x = 0;
let y = 1;
let fib = 0;
let sum = 0;

function sumFibs(num) {

while(fib <= num){
  fib = x + y;

  if(fib % 2 != 0 && fib <= num){
    sum += fib;

  y = x;
  x = fib;

return sum;

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Challenge: Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers

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You should move these vars inside the function. Because every call of your function changes them.


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