My coding journey so far

I had always been so reluctant to get into programming. I always thought it was boring and avoided it at each instance. Later on, I found myself learning HTML, then CSS and now javascript and it really began to interest me. I was fascinated by how a bunch of words could turn into something so beautiful. Coding is art. Along the line I have faced challenges in debugging codes. It could be so stressful but honestly, that’s how I knew I was getting better. Keep striving guys!


So awesome that you can see yourself improving! you got this!

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Man I love the way you said that coding is an art and sometimes it’s quite stressful when things don’t work as we want but we are still doing it. We still have long way to go, Best of luck for your programming journey.

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It’s funny, but I was thinking the same thing,: coding is an art.

I go down the Rabbit Hole with how code and data types interact, sometimes, and write Python scripts just to figure out how things are working. A coworker was watching me work away on a project during my lunch hour, and expressed an opinion that I should be using a dictionary instead of a list, in one instance, because it would be “easier.”

“Maybe,” I said, “but then the code would be ugly. I want to make it BEAUTIFUL!” :smiling_face:

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