My colors aren't all working

I’m using hex codes and some of my colors work and others don’t in both fonts and backgrounds. The top font is suppose to be gold and there is suppose to be a red box around the image.

text-color should be just color. There’s no text-color property.

You won’t see the red background because the entire image is covering it. Try using border instead:

border: 3px solid red;

Also, you shouldn’t use both versions of Bootstrap on the same page. You probably have version 3 in mind, so remove version 4.

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You text won’t become yellow because there’s no text-color property in CSS;

what you looking for is just color:

h1 {
 color: #ffd700;

As for the image, if you want to show some boxing, like a frame, it’s probably better to nest the image in a div that is slightly bigger.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:
Happy coding.

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What if I want the border to be different sizes on the top versus the sides?

You can set borders for each side of the box with

  • border-top
  • border-bottom
  • border-left
  • border-right
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