My completed projects are not updated on my home page



A day ago completed the completed Javascript course and I can download my certificate but I realized that when I entered my account on the line where the number of completed projects is indicated, only 5 of 30 appear when I should leave 10 of 30. I thought it would be updated a few hours after I finished my course but it has not changed so far. Does anyone know why, is it that I need to do something?

Obs: The first certificate I got is by Responsive Web Design and the second one is Javascript (I finished it 1 day ago)

I’m having the same issue–was yours resolved?

No, I still have the problem. Do you know if there is a support email to consult?

There is not a support email, but there is a GitHub repository

Hi ieahlean,

When I go to, on that welcome page, I see23%20AM .

As far as I know, I couldn’t have 2 certificates with only 5 projects built. I went to my info and all of my projects have urls and green check marks… so I’m confused as to why it doesn’t get updated. It’s the Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures projects section.

I have a friend who is approximately at the same place as me, who sees the same info on his account…

I did do some of the final projects before completing every last challenge… could that be it? I may even have finished the final JS projects before completing every challenge (some were harder than the projects for me).

Thanks for any help…

Don’t worry, JavScript projects are not counted on home page, eventually it will be fixed


Thanks for the quick reply. Glad to hear it’s not on my end!
I won’t worry.