My confusion is unmeasurable

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Please write it directly into the forum.


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<a href=“”</a>

probably a typo ( in this case a space in one of the links ). Nothing to do with " a " tag.

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You still have the quotes issue from earlier.

These are the incorrect quotes

You need to resolve those by turning off smart quotes on your device.

But you still have syntax issues.

You deleted the closing > here

and you removed the img element completely.

Remember that this challenge is about nesting an image element inside the anchor tags.

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The only thing that is wrong in your initial code is:

  1. The URL address has a space it shouldn’t have.

  2. You are missing the closing </a> after the <img> element.

I would suggest you copy and paste the code from the editor when posting the code to the forum. I know you are on a phone, but that should still be possible.

In case the syntax is completely escaping you here is an example. I’d also suggest formatting the code as shown to make it easier to read.

<a href="">
  <img src="" alt="placeholder">
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