My Current Weather API App

Well it’s ok but did you give up on getting the user’s location?
I typed a city name in wrong and it did nothing (no feedback).
I typed Birmingham and it gave me weather for Birmingham, US (not UK).
I typed Birmingham, GB and I got the correct weather. I am good at guessing what to do! :smile:

The style is good but the background doesn’t cover the viewport area always.

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No John. I am getting the input from the text box. Need to work with validation while wrongly typed city name. Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

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Hi Johnny!! Can you say how to check wrongly typed city name using openweathermap and kindly give solution for it.

Get the location via the user’s IP address by default.

Not that easy I’m afraid. You need to download the JSON file (if seen it in their website) and check the input, locally, against several hundreds of thousands of IDs… Don’t know if it’s worth it, you know… :slight_smile:

I did your way, kind of; finally made my app like this: First, it gets the user GPS positioning and, if it fails (thanks Johnny hehe), it gets the positioning from the IP address.

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