My curriculum page is not loading: match all numbers

Hey all,
Please I need help. My curriculum page has refused to load. I don’t know if this is unique to me.

page url

Hello there,

Would you mind opening your browser console, refreshing the page, and looking for any errors?

Also, please share your setup:

  • Which browser and version are you using?

safari Version 13.1.2 (13609.

I have refreshed the page severally, not getting any errors. It just stays not the blank page I posted earlier.

If you are not getting any errors, then it sounds like a connectivity issue with the delivery network. Would you describe your internet connection as slow/patchy?

Otherwise, you might find more success doing one of the following:

  • Use another browser - Chrome is notoriously excellent
  • Clear your browser cache - search online how to do this for your browser
  • Flush your DNS cache - if you are comfortable inputting commands in the terminal

Hope this helps

thanks . I cleared the browser cache and the page works now. :facepunch:

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