My Dark-theme portfolio. Feedback Required by law 😁

I’ve tried experimenting with box-shadows for a glowing effect to try and make my portfolio look really cool.
All my other projects had a white background as a main and I wanted to try to change up my work this time.
Hope you like it:

Also got it on github:

Any and all feedback will be appreciated (even criticism)



I like the glowing effect when we hover , Overall it’s really good . But I find Difficulty in reading , try changing the font . great for a 14yr guy:grin::love_you_gesture:at that age i wasted my life:sweat_smile:

Thanks. I will try to increase the readability.

@ConnerOw1115 Hey bro! How is it?
Once again, you have created a nicely styled page where all elements/colors/fonts fit together well.
One improvement you could make is to increase the size of the arrow for the drop down menu. I think that arrow is a nice change over the traditional hamburger menu icon button. Keep up the good work!

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Okay. I’ll increase the size of the arrow.

Looks nice, keep up the good work!

Some tips for improvement:
:clubs:Make message field scalable only vertically
:clubs:Make form hints white so they are more readable
:clubs:Most of your animations affect elements around them, this causes more work for the browser then a reflow occurs which results in low performance, this performance loss might not be noticeable cause this site is small, but do keep this in mind when you make large sites in the future.

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I will fix as much as I can that you’ve advised, but what do you mean by making the message fields scalable vertically?

well now (atleast in my browser, Firefox) you can scale the message textarea field however you like, yet scaling it horizontally might ruin form layout (like missclicks on mobile devices to make textarea too large/small). Fixing to only vertical resize is just a google search away :slight_smile:

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Got it done.
Thanks for pointing that out.

You might want to make the site of each section fill the page for easier viewing. use height: 100%. sometimes it doesnt work right so you might have to search how to do it.

also not a fan of the green or the gradient but maybe thats just me.

I did make each section’s height at least 100% by using the min-height css command. They don’t seem like 100% maybe because of the glowing items.

use the inspector in your dev tools and see what the tags are doing

What tag(s) should I inspect?


In the elements tab, if you put the mouse over a tag it will light up in the window

" After my account got banned three times, I just stuck to freecodecamp."

Maybe take this out.

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Okay. Will do what you asked.

I did take the slight liberty of doing a little bit of editing so it flows a little bit better.

My mom was going to have a baby and her midwife came over to wait for the coming of my little brother.

The midwife told me about about Khan Academy, which I used to begin my coding journey.

A year and a half later, my family and I relocated from Hong Kong to the United States.

While in America I came across freecodecamp which I used in addition to the Kahn academy to expand on my coding knowledge.

Now I’ve graduated High School at the age of fourteen, I have a lot more time to code and hone my skills.

I would like to thank all the members of freecodecamp for how their help and support with coding.

Currently my plan is to begin working in tech when I’m sixteen or seventeen

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Wow, thanks! You are really good at editing stuff.