My document page

Hey guys! I finally finished my document page and I am looking to get some feedback on it and see what you all think. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thank you,


Looks good but your page only passes 7/16 of the criteria.
Make sure you read the user stories and add the testing bundle to your pen (see the 3rd to last point on project info page)

You’ll also need to improve the responsiveness, it currently only scales down for mobile and you lose the right panel on some small view sizes.

good work more improvements are needed

Hey! I actually build a much simpler version of what the project should be like (I make all the tests pass) and then I go back and build whatever I want that is similar so that I don’t have to worry about the tests passing all the time. So that’s why most of the tests are not passing. However, I did forget to add a media query to the page so I’ll go back in and add that. I appreciate the feedback!


Thanks. It might be helpful if you could tell which improvements you are talking about.


If you add this code <script src=""></script> to the top of your html page and use the javascript preprocessor Babel (which you already are), it will add a little icon in the top left that you can use to view which user stories you are fulfilling and which you aren’t.