My dream journey

Hello everybody,

this is my first post here. Since I was little I have had a passion for information technology/technology. Unfortunately, life went differently and I didn’t do dedicated studies, I didn’t even get a degree. I am 25 years old currently. For some time now I have started to believe in myself again, I hate my job and I think I would give my all for a job in the US tech industry. I am willing to sacrifice my life for a job in US IT.

Now I’m thinking about one thing:

I study a lot on my own (I can improve as study time) - I know computer architecture and write a few lines of code. I am studying a lot of C and Python, soon I will learn Pytorch. Having said that, I have some savings aside, my dream would be within 2 years to do a bootcamp in the United States to study high-level coding, maybe inside codesmith or other similar ones.
I always want to learn new things in IT and I’m a guy who doesn’t like holidays. In your opinion, there is a very small chance of making this dream come true:
Studying, going to a Bootcamp as an international student, and then joining the USA as a worker?

My biggest dream would be to study, enter a bootcamp, then work in the USA, and maybe soon get a degree from an American university. But I need a job before I do it.

My dream is robotics but I’m afraid of being terribly late.

Thanks, everyone for listening to me!

Dear friend, welcome to the forum.
I sincerely hope your dream will be realized.
Though I am unable to comment on your specific plans, I hope someone from your region can do so (or from the US can do so).
For now, do you have access to universities in your area? If so, perhaps you can find out if any CS students were able to complete their studies and get a job in the US. (and what struggles they faced to do so).
This may boost or temper your approach to this dream.
Wishing you well.

Unfortunately, life went differently and I didn’t do dedicated studies, I didn’t even get a degree. I am 25 years old currently.

I became a professional developer in my late 40s.

You don’t mention where you are from so it is hard to advise.

Keep in mind that it is hard to get a job in the US as a foreigner, because of all the paperwork. Companies usually aren’t going to want all that hassle and expense for some low level employee that doesn’t have any experience.

As far as studying in the US, getting a study visa is easier. But keep in mind that those bootcamps cost money and do not have a guarantee of a job. I don’t know if there are ones that specialize in helping international people, but there may be.

University would be an even better option - better education, better chance of getting an internship, etc, but keep in mind that American universities are very expensive.

On the bright side, programming is probably the area where you have the best chance of succeeding even if you are on a non-traditional path. (I certainly was.) There are more jobs than there are coders so basically if you can code, there are opportunities. I don’t know how it works in robotics.

Are there universities/bootcamps where you are? They will almost certainly be cheaper than the US. I think a more likely path for you would be to learn where you are, get a few years experience, then start looking for jobs in the US. If you have a few years experience, companies are much more likely to go to the trouble of a work visa.

The point is to just keep learning and building things. That is the best thing you can do. Once you have some experience, you will have a lot more opportunities.


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