My extra projects

Hi guys,
I would like to share my extra projects(not from FreeCodeCamp curriculum).

Swimming Fish
Project Link -
I’m trying to learn SVG and I made this SVG animation using GreenSock library(GSAP).

Color Palette
Project Link -
Palette - app for easy handling colors for web-development. Built using React.js.

  • Click on a color or Select to copy color value
  • Change color type with radio buttons
  • Change color value with Change button
  • Add more colors and remove colors

I will be glad to receive your feedback!


Very cool work on both!

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New project:

Travel Offers E-mail
Using Foundation for Emails to design responsive HTML emails that work in any email client.
This is a live demo -
You can find source code(using ZURB Stack) on GitHub:

Just released a new project with Vue.js and Firebase: ColorGeek - make & share your color palette
Source code on GitHub:


  • Guests have to register for being able to create, share and like palettes
  • User can create private palettes, share best palettes with other users.
  • User can like palettes, and palettes with the biggest number of likes are available on Popular page.
  • Palettes picked by admin are showing on Picked page.
  • It’s possible to edit and save private palettes.
  • User can make a copy of any public palette to user’s palettes.
  • On click on a color cell selected color’s value is copying to clipboard.
  • It’s possible to choose color mode: hex(default) or rgb.

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I’d like to share a small project with Vue.js and Node.js: FinTables - Vue.js tables to store and edit financial data

Source code on GitHub: