My fcc profile is gone

So when I try to sign in with GitHub I am assigned a random user name and all of my data is gone. It still works on the forum. Will this be fixed?

Have you changed your github email? The fcc account is matched with an email, if you change email address on GitHub you need to do the same on fcc or this happens, if you change GitHub account back and then you change the two email addresses together it should work

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no this started the other day when they where doing some site maintenance. At first there was a pop-up stating that there was work being done and some features where not available. (such as sign in with GitHub). after that my profile is gone. I use the same GitHub account to sign into the forum and that is working.

try with a github issue then, maybe your account can be recovered

who do I report this to?

I still don’t understand why the forum login is working right but the main FCC sit is not.
interestingly my user name is shown as unavailable

As that is not your account maybe deleting it will make your appear

I meant you can open an issue on the FreeCodeCamp GitHub repository

FCC curriculum accounts and forum accounts are separate.

That’s because your account with that username still exists.

I suspect that what happened was that a duplicate account was created. You mentioned something happening during site maintenance, so perhaps an attempt to log in resulted in a new account creation instead.

Please try deleting this accidentally created new account, clearing your browser cache, and then logging in with whatever email address you used before the problem began.

tried that, just creates a new account
I never used email to sign in with always through my github account
tried signing in with email got the pin still all my progress shows at 0

so you tried deleting this wrong account, and tried to log in again with github and it creates a new account?

if you get a new account delete it again, your old account is still there

I delete it and every time I try signing in with github it just creates a new account. Have deleted 3 new accounts so far

and you have not changed the email on github, right?

try opening an issue on github so that someone can check the database for you then

no I have not
will do
keep in mind that I sign into the forum with the same github account. No issues here.

The forum is a separate account, it’s written there every time you log in, and you had to create a new account to use the forum…

Yes, however I use github for that account as well. Which makes me think that if something changed on github’s side I would be having problems with the forum account as well.

The way that the forum software stores and accesses accounts is not the same as the way FCC does.

FCC accounts are identified by email address. If you login via GitHub, or Google, or another method, FCC looks at the email address associated that profile and looks up your FCC account by that. For that reason, it sometimes happens that users cannot login to their accounts using one of these methods if they have changed email addresses or use a different email address than the account was first associated with.

You have some aspects of your profile set to public, so I can see that it is not gone.

awesome I see that
now how do I log in?

I must have changed my email. Dont remember doing that but I am in now
thanks to everyone

I’m so glad that you got it worked out. Happy coding!

I must be getting old :rofl: