My FCC Project #2 - Survey Form

Hello all. Here is my FCC Survey Form. Please provide constructive feedback on how I can improve it, or general web-designing things to keep in mind while writing html/css.

I decided to try two methods of implementing label and input. My radio buttons embed the input into the label element as where my checkboxes have seperate label and input lines. I don’t know which is better or if it’s situational so please provide some guidance on that.

An issue (I think it’s an issue) I am facing is on my dropdown there is a 4th option called nji and it’s under a line separator in the dropdown. However I don’t see it on my phone just the laptop. I can’t seem to figure out where it’s coming from because it’s not in the html. Could this be a bug on the laptop?

The last question I have is when verifying my html I get this message for all of my paragraphs.

Element p1 not allowed as child of element div in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)

Do I need to worry about that? My html opens with a div so I don’t know how I would get rid of it.

Thanks in advance!

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hi @jfirestorm4

just my quick review,

  • there is only p element, not such thing like p1, p2, p3. it’s only for heading h1, h2 etc.
  • if you want to styling it on css, try using the p id or add class to p element
  • start using the in built codepen html analyze tool before validate it through w3c validator.
  • if you find page identation red flag when using codepen html analyze tool, simply just try the codepen formating html.
  • you can start using the codepen css analyze tool also, to find coding errors.

happy coding

edit: i see you using the datalist element, you might want to set the fallback if the browser don’t recognize it. you can see my example for datalist fallback, if you dont mind.

That’s probably what I’ll do then if I need to add style to one particular paragraph.

Ok I’ll add it to my next project. I saw it on the example pages but just didn’t add it to mine.

Thanks for the feedback