My Final Survey Form, Feedback Please!

Hello everyone,

I just finished my survey form. It would be a truly pleasure to read your feedback or recomendations!
Here is the LINK


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The page is simple and responsive. You just missed to add a for attribute to some labels as you did for checkboxes and radio buttons. I would also give the textarea some more height like min-height: 100px;.

Overall, good job.

Happy coding

How’d you make it responsive so well? :smiley:

Thanks for your reply.

Every label always has to have a “for” attribute?

I took your recomendation about the textarea but a liked more 80px height.

It cost me very hard haha, specially with the radiobuttons and checkboxes.

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Actually I found a way to do it with that same method without radiobuttons and checkboxes. I gotta study what I did a little thought to make sure I understand it ! XD

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