My (finally finished) Personal Portfolio

After finishing the Tribute Page Project I jumped right into the Personal Portfolio Project.

After a lot of googling, trying and failing I finally think I can show you Guys what I made:
My Personal Portfolio

I’d like to get some (honest) feedback and tips on improving the page.

I just saw that the FullPage View from Codepen isn’t properly working on my iPhone 5S; it’s only showing a huge version of my first Page. Does anybody has an answer to this Problem?
The Debug-View is working great.
My Personal Portfolio - Debug View

I like it, I don’t know if it’s intentional but the icons next to your “portrait picture” are not centered on my screen, like it has padding at the bottom but not on top if you know what I mean

Hello, I’m fairly new to FCC. Been over at The Odin Project so I’m not quite an expert…yet, but these are my opinions as a user.
This is a great start :smiley: However I’m not so sure about the mouse over colors around the icons ‘veggie’ e.t.c. the blunt line feels a bit odd to look at.
‘My skills’ is cool accept the background doesn’t completely work with the HTML or CSS text.
Otherwise, brilliant start :smiley: keep up the great work !

Just noticed this too!

Thank You!
Yeah, this was intentional, but I also don’t like it at all.
I used “align-items: baseline” on the flex-container for the Icons, because of the difference in needed textlines (e.g. the Text under the Language-Icon sometimes needs 3 lines but the Veggie-Text only 1 line; depending on the width of the screen).
When I use “align-items: center” they are centered vertically, but this also includes the texts which only show up on :hover. Result of this is, when the text is not yet shown, the icons aren’t on the same line: the Language-Icon is higher than the Coding-Icon and so on.

Maybe somebody knows another way to solve this?

Thank You for the Feedback!
I also wasn’t sure about the mouse over colors; but I wanted to add some more colors than just the background-image to the Site, maybe I’m changing this if I have a better idea.

I’m not sure what you mean that the background of “My Skills” doesn’t completely work.
As long as the window-width is smaller than 860px my background-image only covers the first Site; the background of “My Skills(Text-Container)” and the Skills(Skill-Pictures) are a light grey.
When the window-width gets bigger than 860px my background-image gets “background-attachment: fixed”. Now the Skills(Skill-Pictures) lose their background-color (it’s set to opacity 0) when you now hover over the Text-Container it looses it’s opacity and the Skill-Pictures are shown without a background over the fixed background-image.

It works fine on my computer, did you have any problems with this?

It works fine, its great! I just mean that the color of the background is pretty dark where it says HTML and CSS so it’s hard to read the black font, it visually doesn’t work well.

Hi, I really like your portfolio page. I love the parallax design, I’ve done a basic one before myself a while ago.
Just wondering if it’s possible to create something like your page with just HTML & CSS? Which is what I’m going to do for my Portfolio Page project - with a bit of inspiration from yours.
I’m competent with JavaScript but I want to leave it out for these projects until I get onto the JavaScript lessons.