My finished Portfolio Project


I finished the Portfolio project a while ago, and decided to keep going with FreeCodeCamp now. I tried out The Odin Project for a while, and I have decided that I don’t really like working with Ruby and Ruby on Rails (mainly because I don’t like the syntax). Node.js seems more exciting, so I have decided to keep going with FreeCodeCamp.

My website’s already live, I bought a domain and am hosting the site over Github Pages. Anyway, here are the links. Feel free to tell me if there’s anything I should change/could do better :slight_smile:


Github Repo:

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Hey Filip,
keep up the good work !
As first feedback I would advise you to open your website in other browsers aside from Chrome. In Firefox the “column-fill: auto;” rule doesn’t provide same results as in Chrome. Changing the value from “auto” to “balance” for firefox should fix it.

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Hey man, nice work!
To me it feels like a good idea to have a fixed navigation menu on your page. Specially because the about me is particularly long and takes quite a while to scroll back through everything… But that’s just me!

Great portfolio page! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for that! And you’re right, I should definitely check it in other browsers too. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks! And I was thinking about adding that, since I agree. Right now I only have “Back To Top” buttons that appear on the mobile view, but a fixed menu would definitely be better.