My first 2 projects, it took too long :)

Here are my first 2 projects in FCC, I started 2 years ago and didn’t even finish the HTML but recently decided to do what I need to do something that I love. yes I totally ripped off the animation for the tribute page.

I did try making my own cat though for the form but it didn’t turn out well.

I did want to use a cat font that was cute and kewl but again couldn’t get it to work, I tried hosting it on microsoft cloud.

I would suggest properly naming you pens. E.x. "____ Tribute Page’

  1. On your first listed Pen use add a maximum width, in pixels, to that image. Its way to big on large screens.

Very nice otherwise. I like the gradient background idea.

  1. On your second listed pen i like the style. Its very nice. I would suggest adding more margin around your label because the fieldset is very obscured.

try using better class names. Label could be .questionWrapper and labels could be .question. Its easier to read and debug.

E.x. A piece of candy is wrapped in a wrapper to contain the candy/ content.

Labels contains Label

The text on the tribute page becomes tough to read as the black text scrolls into the darker part of the background.

Looks like there might be slight alignment issues on the survey page when viewed in mobile or small windows that keep it from looking really clean.

Great work otherwise.

ok I have fixed the issues thank you! Except for the class names but I will try better on the next assignment the landing page which I’ve already been working on for 3 days. I actually had it done to day but then I started really messing around and now nothing displays properly.

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Looks better now :slight_smile: