My First 3 Responsive Web Design Projects

I wanna share with you my first 3 projects here:

I feel a bit odd about sharing my works publicly :sweat_smile: but I definitely have to get over this fear of confrontation, so bring it on, I’m ready. :laughing:
I also have to admit that I’m not new to these topics, I’ve already built a website before but I’m preparing to find a job, thus I’m reviewing topics while trying to produce more and faster. :muscle:

Firstly, I LOVE that episode of Doctor Who ! great page for it.
Your pages look great but there was a broken image on the product landing page and it looked like there were some cards that should be centered. But all that could be because my chrome is really outdated.

@Edoc so nice to hear another Doctor’s fan :smiley:
No broken links to me, might really be the outdated chrome (though I don’t understand how it could affect :thinking: ) but I’ve noticed I could deal better with the smartphone sizing

im on my crappy old desktop that runs XP and is a million years old. so that could be it. i dont think i was seeing the whole thing properly cuz there was three boxes at the top of the pages which i assume might have been something thats meant to show codes or comments or something but they were blank.

funny i am currently also watching the DR, i am up to the “DINOSOURS!..on a SPACE SHIP!!!” episode lol

My fault, I didn’t used the proper codepen/full link. Just modified minutes ago :sweat_smile:

PS: also modified impact/reviews/shop cards to be actually responsive on mobile too