My first blog - Looking for Feedback - Astro & Strapi

Hey guys I made my first blog!

Desgined it in Figma, made the assets in Inkscape. Project is self-hosted on Linux, proxied through Cloudflare.

Used Strapi and Astro to develop it.

If you have some time, I would like to get your opinion and potential feedback!



congrats, but its showing “connection timed out” error page!!


I get the same, the “classic” Cloudflare 522 error.
Since you said you are self hosting, I guess CF can’t connect your machine.

I hope you can fix it, an interesting tech stack and we don’t get many fullstack projects to review here. I would love to see and try it.

Power run out in my home, lol.

The project should be up and running now.

The project should be up and running now.

The reason was that power run out in my home, lol.

your project is down.

what does power running out in your home have to do with your web page?
oh. it’s self-hosted. you’re a madman. up that thing to netlify or something similar.
self-hosting is such a bad idea.

It’s up again. :slight_smile:

I don’t know, netlify doesn’t provide so many opportunities for me to learn. Self-hosting on the other hand, does that.

Plus this is a very rare instance of power running out so yeah. I think I am going to stick to self hosting, more fun that way!

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Yea, now it worked for me.

Very solid and better looking than the majority of developer projects :wink:,

Good to see people using the new “dvh/ dvw” units now.

I get one console error on the homepage about an hydration mismatch in my dev tools, but couldn’t find any dysfunctional UI elements.

Checked GitHub and that seems to be a known Astro/ Vue/ CloudFlare issue.
You can solve it by disabling auto-minify for HTML in CF controls. That function reduces the file size of your website which throws a mismatch warning.

All in all nice work, if you want to make a great portfolio piece, add the option for users to create a demo account and to comment or chat.


Wow, wow, wow!

Thank you so much for your review!

I want to implement the user thing so badly, but I am so terrified of it, because I don’t even know where to start.

That’s why I want to complete a react course that creates a social media, to learn everything there is to learn. Hopefully I will pull the authentication thing after that.

I deleted the console.warn thing completely from the source code, as I didn’t have autominify on, lol, what a cheap fix to do! :grin:

Anyways man, thank you so much!
Have a wonderful day.

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Any time!

See this blog as a starting point and you can use it for software development topics. People hiring love to see such engagement.

Your blog shows that you can build apps, a simple chat app should be no problem for you. Spice it up in Figma and give the people hiring something to play with in a demo account.

Your choice of Astro/ Strapi alone sets you apart from the majority of applicants.

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