My first bot! Started coding last month

Hi all,

I started learning to code in October last month. I worked my way through Learn Python the Hard Way and Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python (by Al Sweigart) and then put a bot together.

The bot iterates over the top posts of the r/cats subreddit, scrapes them and then tweets that data. I haven’t uploaded it to a server yet.

I have managed to create a bot that scrapes the title of the Reddit post, the text in the Reddit post and the Reddit post URL. It then shortens the URL using bitly, before tweeting the post out. I haven’t managed to code image scraping into the bot yet (i.e. the bot scrapes the cat picture in the Reddit post and then tweets that too).

Any ideas on how to do that? Also what do you think of the program? It is my first!