My First Challenge

I finished my first project!! I went from know knowledge to coding in HTML and CSS. I would love feedback and areas where i could improve.

This is great for your first project. Nice work!

Personally, I don’t think you need the gray div around the image. That div looks a little off on smaller browsers because it shrinks down below the width of the image.

And be careful about opening and closing tags: you have a closing </p> tag where you should have a opening <p> tag in your image description.

Also, the header tag numbers – the 1 in <h1>, the 2 in <h2>, etc. – are about ranking of importance, not about the order of your sections. You could think of it like a newspaper, where the big front page header would probably be the only <h1>, and then each major story might get an <h2>, while all the article titles would be in <h3> and all the paragraphs of text in those articles would be in <p></p> tags.

The header “Eugene Ely” is appropriately in h1 tags, but then “A Pioneering Aviator” would be better in a <p> tag because it’s essentially a tagline and, as such, it’s not really a header category.

Each of your main sections – “Career After College”, “Eugene Ely and Captain Washington Chambers”, “Eugene Ely’s Daring Landing” – should then go in <h2> tags. The nice thing about this is that once you format the h2 with css, it will apply to all of those headings.

After each of the <h2> sections, you are summarizing his life events and not writing paragraphs about him, so using the list item format is perfect.

I hope that all makes sense!

Thank you for your feed back! What you said make sense about the h tags. I’ll keep that in mind going forward. I agree that the gray background hasn’t scaled very well. I need to look on how to fix that if I were to keep that. I can’t figure out how then I might take it out. I’m happy to hear that I used the list format correctly. Again, I appreciate the feedback!

My first project. Guys please review and let me know my flaws. Feel free to critic.

I like your page! I personally think that, “His Legacy Continues To Inspire Millions” should be bold and upfront. That is just a personal preference. Your pink background to the picture doesn’t scale well between monitors. I’m dealing with that my page. I hope to figure that out.

I really appreciate your honest feedback. Will make necessary changes thank you very much.

Any suggestions for the picture background?

Not right now. If I find out something then I’ll post and let you know. My background does the same thing and I’m not satisfied with it. The video added in was a good touch!