My First Code Camp Project - Tribute Page

Here is my tribute project. I welcome any feedback at all, as this is my first time to ever make a webpage.

Thanks in advance!

I like your hero!

It may help if you can make it more responsive…
Use the gear settings at top right of the codepen. Add a viewport meta tag in the html settings, a Bootstrap css from the dropdown on the CSS settings, and a jQury and Bootstrap js from the dropdown in the JS settings.

You don’t need the tag on your html page. Also, you don’t want your img to be width and height, you want it to “img-responsive”. otherwise, your image will always be at that height and width, and will not shrink or grow with your screen.

You can wrap your header in an and id div and set it for class=“pull-center text-center”, take out “align-center” from your h1 and h2 settings.

In your CSS code, change the html{} to body{}.

Turn your #container to "class=“row”. Again remove the img sizes, For each image, create a new div class=“col-sm-4” (1/3 of 12 columns), or however many columns inside the row. Remove the floats from the container and images inside the CSS. You can call each column with class=“pull-direction col-sm-4”

If your body has the font-family of verdana, and you are using it throughout, then there is not a need to code any other paragraph or footer unless the font-family changes.

I hope this helps a little…

Thank you so much! This is a great help. I am working through some of it this morning.