My first ever web page. Feedback appreciated :)

I finally got to completing my tribute page. Any and every feedback is appreciated.


Thanks guys!

EDIT: I followed some suggestions from @sgirardeau and made some changes. The link has been replaced with the new one. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hi! Nice work! I really like the color scheme and the layout.

Keep up the good work!


Excellent job on your first site! Do a little proofreading of your copy as I noticed a couple spelling errors, and the video in the “Rapper and Singer” section has some spacing that doesn’t feel quite right on a desktop viewport. Keep going dude you are killing it!

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Thanks guys! Your feedback means alot.

Will give the copy a proofread now.



Seriously good work. I like the rounded corner on the title container at the top and just the flow is really well.

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Congrats on your first web page! You did a great job with the layout. I only see a couple typos, where you have the black text in orange boxes…there could be a little extra padding so thr letters have equal space at the top.

Great job and keep working hard!


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