My first FCC projects: Tribute Page and Survey Form

Hi, everybody!
Here are links to my first two projects.

Tribute page:

Survey form:

I actually tried to copy the examples provided in FCC. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

About your Albert Einstein page:

Well it looks good, it’s responsive very great. You also set caption for image, this is pro, great.
I just think having monospace font for non source/code like text content is not very logical. I think serif/sans-serif work better.
Same having a little more space after each list item could be better.
I also suggest you may limit max-width of main container(#main) to something like max-width:10in to not let it goes to wisde when screen is too wide too.

Now about your survey pal
It’s responsive, very good, but let me suggest some stuff to make it better.

For mobile, you place each element in one line/row, this is very great, perfect. The first suggestion(tiny issue) is about padding, I think text/content are so near to form edge.
this is the padding for form: padding: 1em 0px 1em 0px; which is zero for left and right, so why? let it be some space.

For mobile I suggest you let the form container fit the screen.
Also this css part below on your work

.container {
   width: 1200px;
   max-width: 90%;

This could be better something like this


That 1200px may be too much(enough) on your 72dpi screen, but it’s so small for a 5k screen, but 10in is always 10in, no matter it’s a VGA, or 5k screen.
Beside when you do not set any width size, as it’s a block element, it fits on parent available child space.

I see radio and checkbox button come without any label associated to them, NO! pelase fix.

Both comboboxes also come without any disabled and default option, please fix.

Having some small padding for text field and combobox also make them bigger, and make it easier to tap on mobile devices, same content will be easier to read.

You used monospace for title, this time it would make sense since it’s about programming, good.

Some elements come with arial font, I suggest let it be sans-serif. This is becasue arial is always arial, but sans-serif could be vary based on user tastes.

I like the submit button, and colour scheme of the page, great pal.

For more detailed explanation and samples for stuffs I mentioned, you may check this survey form challenge walkthrough post, hope it help.

Keep goin on great work dear Roman, happy programming.


Thank you very much for such a thorough feedback, I really appreciate it! It didn’t expect such a detailed answer, so I am grateful to you. Will try to understand and implement all your comments. Thank you once again!

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