My First Five Projects [Feedback]

Hi there! I’m having fun learning from FCC and I would love to receive some honest feedback about my five first projects. All of them passes already the tests, except the portfolio page which I developed before the new FCC curriculum and I didn’t bother to redesign it completely, but the page works fine anyway. Thank you all!!

Tribute Page

Survey Form

Product Page

Technical Documentation Page (this one, my favorite)

Personal Porfolio Webpage

This is nice! Good sleek look and feel.
You can never go wrong with coffee :blush:

thank you!! I ended up posting all my five projects, in case you want to give it a look :relaxed:

I love your Tribute Page!
It’s a good payment form - but I won’t give my card number … good validation

I am so envious of your Technical Documentation. I cannot get my menu to work right on small screens.

Your portfolio webpage looks great too. Now you can add these latest projects to it.

It will be great to see what you create next!

Well, this why it’s my favorite. It’s the last of my projects, so I had already some experience and even so I struggled to make the content menu show up in a right way with small screens. The key was to use z-index on many elements and position the menu beyond the top of the window (negative values).

And yup, I’ll add all the finished projects to the portfolio webpage. Thank you so much for your kind feedback!

@2alin Thank you. If you don’t mind, I’ll try your suggestion.
Great job on them all!

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