My first html project

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<title> </title>

vishwakarma university

<h2>branch offering</h2>


    <li>computer science</li>

    <li>information technology</li>



<h2>cource offering</h2>










        <tr>studentname </tr>

        <tr>studentid </tr>

        <tr> branch</tr>



        <td>sushilkumar </td>

        <td>15 </td>

        <td> computer</td>




    <td>rohan </td>

    <td>11 </td>





    <td>  dev shah</td>

        <td>   13 </td>

       <td>  it</td>




<h3>Fill the form</h3>


<form action="sushilkumar.php">


    name:  <input type="name" name="" id=""></div><br>

    <div> email: <input type="email" name="" id=""> <input type="number" name="mobile number" id=""></div><br>

    <div> gender: male <input type="radio" name="gender" id=""> female <input type="radio" name="gender" id=""></div><br>

    <div> <input type="date" name="" id=""></div><br>

    <div> <label for="cource">cource</label>

        <select name="your cource" id="cource">

            <option value="select">select</option>

            <option value=""> </option>

            <option value="bsc">bsc</option>

            <option value="bca">bca</option>

        </select> </div><br>

   <div> <label for="branch">branch</label>

    <select name="your brancg" id="branch">

        <option value="select">select</option>

        <option value="electrical">electrical </option>

        <option value="cs">computer science</option>

        <option value="it">informational technology</option>




    <div> new password: <input type="password" name="" id=""></div><br>

    <div> repassword: <input type="repassword" name="" id=""></div><br>

    <div> accept terms and conditions<input type="checkbox" name=" words" id=""></div><br>

    <div> <input type="submit"> <input type="reset"></div>


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