My first NodeJS project

I’m not a programmer or anything. Just learning NodeJS, Express, MongoDB. A year ago I was always doing web development in PHP Laravel framework. At first I was struggling with NodeJS but I knew that it much better than PHP in all ways. So in my freetime basically in the evenings I got an idea of website where people could share the invites to private websites, groups, services etc. And so I made this one: and so this is my first NodeJS project went live.

This app was created using NodeJS, Express, MongoDB and some NPM packages, Bootstrap and a little of my own css

This is more about me if interested: Things that holding me back from programming

Thank you for your time.


Do you have a link to your code on Github for us to view also?

Going to upload it now :slight_smile: This is it!

Just added SSL certificate!

Looks nice.
I even added some invitations on it :smiley:

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That’s really great! Thank you for filling app content!

A little bit updated theme.

Removed navbar. Now there is a filter button in the panel.
Upload and Ask buttons are now in the middle of the webpage also removed from navbar
All icons placed next to texts in the buttons
Also added errors to the forms when submiting it so it wont redirect to the homepage where it displayed all errors until you fill the form properly.
Probably I will make the forms more horizontal when storing and asking for invites.