My first Pen Portfolio Challenge

Hi. Here the link to my Portfolio Challenge. Is the first time I create one. I don’t have any work done to include in it. Therefore, I designed some backgrounds with some of my info. and complied with the rest of the requirements: scroll, nav bar, social media buttons and sections. I really need your opinion. It will help me a lot to learn more about it. Thanks in advance. Happy coding. (Desktop version. I have to find out how to make it work on smartphones better. Navbar and social buttons are not working on phones as they work on desktops :frowning: nor the font for the footer. working on it).
Portfolio Project:

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It’s a good start!

Don’t obsess too much about it. It’s probably best to move forward with the curriculum and then spruce up your portfolio page once you’ve learned more.

Thanks for your input. Really appreciated! I’m going to do just that.