My first personal portfolio page!

hello everyone!
This is my first shot at my personal portfolio page. I would really appreciate your suggestions and feedbacks.


Hello @nishanth050499!

It’s a very nice page. Just two small things from me.

  1. the About section I think is slightly hard to read. The text also butts right up against the border of the box.

  2. you forgot the # in the contacts link so it doesn’t go anywhere.

Nice job on you portfolio!

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Wow! Really like that retro feel. Thanks for introducing me to custom proprities. Code was easy to read too.

Keep on!

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Hey Nishanth,

great job, I like it! :clap:

My ideas:

  • I think the text of the icons at the bottom of the page (LinkedIn etc.) is redundant, because everyone knows what they mean and they take a lot of space (especially on a small screen)
  • with a screen width between 369px and around 730px your “about me” text (“A final year…”) is hard to read, because the box is small and the text is large.

Keep us posted!

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Thank you , I appreciate your feedback. I will decrease the font size a bit and make it a bit bold

@berubenic Thank you so much. I will look forward to continue keep the code readable the same way .

@miku86 Thank you for your advice I will make I remove them . I will also change the fonts in my about sections