My First Personal Webpage....please give me your feedback if I am missing anything :)

Am I missing anything?

Hey Mustafa!

Here’s my input:

  1. The navbar doesn’t look good when it’s not flush against the page. Remove that gap between it and the edges of the page for a huge improvement.

  2. Tiling images are generally a bad idea (unless it’s a pattern), so I would fix that image behind your contact form.

  3. The black fonts in your contact section are hard to read. I suggest making them white, large, and bold.

  4. I would strongly advise against having your email up in plain text. There are robots that crawl the web looking for plain text email addresses to spam/hack. Either delete your email, or replace it with something a computer can’t understand - ‘email AT’ is generally the choice.

  5. Your skills are flush left. I would center them on the page.

  6. Cat photos are the best. You have the best placeholders :thumbsup:

You’ve got a great site! I hope my input helps, and congrats on starting your web development journey!

thanks for the feedback @PortableStick:slight_smile:

Everything PortableStick said is good input. I’ll add a few more things. :slight_smile:

  • A white gap (the background) appears when you scroll to both the top and the bottom of the page. I think that the design would look more sleek if you remove the gap.

  • Remember when you link out from codepen, your links will need to include target="_new" so that codepen won’t override them.

  • PortableStick mentioned the navbar. This is really one of the biggest things I’d fix, because it’s a distraction from the content. I see you already have position: fixed in the code. All you should have to do now is add the following to the style: top: 0;

  • On the contact form, the padding needs a bit of adjustment. Some padding on the top would look nice so that “Name:” doesn’t appear right next to the edge.

  • I like that you used the Font Awesome icons on the portfolio. :sparkles:

  • The centered grid looks good for your future portfolio projects.

  • The rounded image and border styling look good on the picture.

Hope all this helps!

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thanks @emily04:slight_smile:

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