My First Portfolio Page! (made with flexbox)

Hello campers!

Can I get some feedback on my portfolio page?

I put in a lot of outside study in order to get good with flexbox (I didn’t like fighting with bootstraps native styles). This project was the single biggest leap in learning that I have had since I start dabbling in programming/web design about 3 months ago.

It has been a while since I uploaded my tribute page: . Since then I have gained a much better grasp of HTML/CSS.

Although it’s not quite done yet, this one is very special to me. I present to you my very first portfolio page:

The design was heavily inspired by: . I couldn’t help but fall in love with it, and I basically recreated most of his work.

Overall nice portfolio page, in terms of feedback - at the start of the page when the navigation links are black, they are quite hard to read on top of the image. Further down the page when they change to white text, that is much easier to read.

Another point is that the placeholder images overflow off the viewport when the flex-wrapper div is around 875 pixels. They do become responsive again at around 745 pixels.

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A couple of things:

  1. I believe that one of the requirements was to include external links. If your tribute page contains any, I wasn’t able to visually distinguish them.
  2. Copyrights: If your going to use images or text from another source, make sure that you properly attribute them.
  3. Wikipedia copy-pasta: Because you just copy-pasted from Wikipedia, your text still has the endnote link text throughout. Since these no longer connect to actual endnotes, they are somewhat nonsensical.
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@Pagey Thanks for the feedback!

I was debating on whether or not to change the nav on the landing page. I will change them to land as white with maybe a semi-transparent background. I have been toying with it since I started.

Regarding the placeholder images: I actually left myself a note to fix these. I was running into issues getting them to cascade the way I wanted. I will definitely fix this prior to turning in the project and moving on through the FCC curriculum. I actually ran into an issue with having these drop down the way I had the Skills Section boxes move. I am trying to figure that out now actually. If you have any insight please hit me up.

Thanks for spending the time to review my stuff, much love!


Hello again!!! :smile:

I was actually looking for feedback on the portfolio page which is listed at the bottom of the OP. Feedback is feedback though, and I will gladly fix these up.

I am thinking of going back and completely revamping my tribute page. I don’t like the look and feel of it.

Can you help me with the copyrights? What is the best/most appropriate way to give credit? Is a spot at the bottom of the page the way to go? Do you have any examples of how I should be doing this?

Finally, the wikipedia copypasta: you are totally right. I am going to go in and fix this as soon as I tune up my portfolio.

Thanks again so much for your help ArielLeslie, you’re the best :smile:


Fixed the issue with the portfolio boxes not flexing. I wasn’t using the right class name to select the flex-container(only took me an hour to figure that out…/facepalm).

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