My First Portfolio Page - Please review and provide feedback 🙂

Hello everyone! :grinning:

I introduced myself the other day and since then have been working on a beginners portfolio site.

I’ve been reading articles, books and watching videos on Treehouse and felt that building this portfolio site was necessary to measure just how much I have learned in the last 2 months.

Here is my Portfolio Site.

The site is responsive and I’ve tested it across all major browsers. Safari is the only one causing me problems with the Header, the height is not rendering correctly due to a bug with Safari and fixed positioning. If anyone knows a method for fixing this then please let me know!

No frameworks just yet, I wanted to see if I could build a site without them.

Please feel free to take a look at the site, and provide some much appreciated feedback!

It looks great for two months in, especially without using a framework like Bootstrap or Foundation. I know you didn’t use a framework, but it gives off a lot of Bootstrappy vibes, so kudos on your reverse-engineering skills. I looked through your style sheet (after normalizing) and it was very thorough, especially the media queries. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what the fix is for Safari as I haven’t encountered that problem with fixed positioning; I usually use Bootstrap for now, so it seems to be corrected by some aspect of Bootstrap’s default CSS.

The only suggestion I have is that the one change people seem to have a really hard time with is changing the location of things. Because we rely on remembering where things are located to navigate a product or service, shuffling the nav menu around based on the current page may cause a fair amount of confusion.

Nice work!

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Thanks for the feedback, it helps me realise that I am on the right track.

I agree with you on the navigation, I think it works better on tablet size screens but not so well on others. I’ll have a look at this over the weekend and make the adjustment, thank you for the advice!

Hopefully bootstrap will help fix some of the cross-browser compatibility issues.

The next stage will be to add some content, but that will come with time!

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The site looks great, and it is especially impressive considering you did not use a framework. However I am concerned it does not meet the requirements of the assignment. Please see below

“User Story: I can access all of the portfolio webpage’s content just by scrolling.”

Your content is not fully accessible via scrolling.

On the contact me button on every project seems a bit much. There is a contact link already in the nav bar which isn’t to far away.

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Hi Anthony,

Really appreciate the feedback, thank you.

You are correct in that it doesn’t fulfill the user story, that being an oversight on my part and I will look to add this in ASAP.

Again, I have to agree you with with regards to the contact me buttons. I’ll look at removing them, especially as the nav bar remains fixed at the top of the browser.

This can be added into version 1.1 of the site. :slight_smile: