My first Portfolio Page, please review. Many thankss :)

Hi, please give me a feedback to help me improve my code. Many thanks. :slight_smile:
Portfolio page

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Hi @mia610

You’ve got some interesting effects there, well done !

I’m not an expert so my feedback won’t be very in-depth, but here:

I know Codepen does a lot of the work for us but I’d still put your navigation bar ul into it’s own container.

I would also use some sort of wrapper (or any div “wrapping” your content) to have a bit more margin, otherwise you content spreads across the entire width and that’s not always the best layout (IMO).

Instead of having to multiply <br> to handle the spacing between your paragraphs, I’d do something in the CSS (with padding, margin, whatever).

Like I said, well done - you’ve done a lot of work and there’s a lot I wouldn’t be able to replicate myself…

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Hi @timoheap
Thank you so much for pointing out my code’s weakness
I’ll try my best to improve them like you said.
Hope that you will be back to see & give it a feedback again when it has been improved.
Thank you again for your feedback :grinning:

Oh but remember I wouldn’t be able to do some of the stuff you did! But with pleasure