My first portfolio page, would love feedback, hows my code and design?

The pen is not displaying correctly…please click on “edit on CodePen” to view.


Hey Tim nice page :slight_smile: I would suggest that it would be better that the social media buttons take viewer to your profile on that website rather than the home page of the website .eg:the codepen button should lead to page which displays all your public pens.

ok great! thanks for the comments. I will do that.

Hey Teebs!

Some easy to implement features would be some new fonts, if you’d like. I’ve found that is an awesome, if not the best resource to use. In addition to that, and another copy paste job, would be to take some of the logos from and apply them to your footer buttons.

Here’s one for FCC:
Here’s one for CodePen:
Here’s a generic one for Academy:

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alright cool thanks for the input!