My first & suggestion pls :)

Hi everyone finally I finished my portfolio … in this project I tried to not depend on bootstrap & code pen to build it because I thought the most important thing is to know how to create the project on my own PC and know how to connect the css& js to it, especially if they were out my HTML file…I won’t lie to you I took a long time just to understand the main concepts of the position and layout projects.but I really had a lot of fun just to discover these concepts and it was a great feeling when I finally accomplished the project.
this is the link:

at the same time, I was curious to know what is the difference if I use the bootstrap, so I did it. I discovered that the bootstrap makes the thing easier. the amount of codes were less, but at the same time, I felt we will not understand how these things really work because we just use the bootstrap classes.this the link to bootstrap portfolio:

actually, when I transferred my codes to code pen I faced some difficulties and I had to change a lot of things and repeated some codes in different sections just because it didn’t work in the body for some reason while it works perfectly in my browsers I really hope to inform me if you faced this problem and solved it

thank you so much in advance :smile:

I like it. I hope to see you fill your projects area with more. I’m sure they will be great. Good luck on your continued journey.

I just started working on my portfolio page myself, and hope to continue progressing through these courses as well.


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Thank you so much, I’m so happy to hear that… I look forward to seeing yours :blush:

Nice work with the fixed background and mixed with opacity. The first link you posted has the <p> tag doesn’t have padding-right so nearly touching the edge.

It’s very well made page. :+1:

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thank you so much for your feedback. I really didn’t notice to this small detail, I’m so happy because you noticed and told me about it.I’ll fix it soon. :blush: