My first post: Voting App

Hello everyone,

This is my first post!


Front end

  • React, for components
  • React router, for routing
  • Apollo React, for fetching data using GraphQL
  • D3, for graphs and charts

Back end

  • Express
  • Apollo express


  • Sqlite3
  • Better-sqlite

Build tool

  • Webpack
  • PostCSS

Feedback are welcome :pray:t2:

It has taken me about 50 hours to build over the course of 12 weeks

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I like the looks.

Im not delving deeper into it, as Im more in a beginning phase.
On first try after I make a vote on a country, I cannot go back, to try the other options.

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Thanks @oomti
Very good point! I didn’t implement the back button.
So a user need to click the back button on their browser.
Thanks for the feedback!