My First Potfolio Site Iteration (80% done, Please comments and feedback are very much appreciated)

Nicely done. Pretty Sleek!

Hello, I like it. It is well organized and neat.
The only issue is that I can send the empty form and I can input numbers or text instead of email.

Thank you! I just started the Javascript module so I haven’t really added any Javascript or Jquery plus it go through other major updates over time.

Hmmm thanks for the observation, I would work on restricting the type of data entry on the form I guess HTML5 now lets you do that. Oh it doesn’t send I haven’t written the php code yet.

Yes, html5 allows you to make the fields required and to specify the type of data.

Hi Temi,

I think the site looks great, we share a few influencers!

When I clicked on the button to get to your dropdown menu, I clicked on Influencers and the page took me there but the dropdown didn’t close. I’m just getting into JavaScript as well and I feel like there is something there that could take care of this.

Good luck (and maybe let me know how you do it…)