My first Product Landing - Please review and feedback to me

Hello Everyone,
It’s mine first time doing the Product Landing Project []. Please let me know if there’s work what I can do more better. I’ll very appreciated about your help. Thank you so much!

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Good job! Can’t go wrong with cute puppies :slight_smile:

I suggest you work on spacings. Your app will look far more better if you have a better layout.

Play around with the size of your browser window and you’ll notice that your navigation bar has some scalability issues.

I would also reduce the height of the navigation bar, as it takes up quite a lot of space right now, even more so on smaller screens.

Hi, the page looks fun and cute, for self-growth:

  1. You might want to play around more with the responsiveness aspect of the project as you see in the picture
  2. I would advise digging deeper into media queries

I made the same mistakes with my projects need to redo them now

best regards,

Darius :slight_smile: