My first project - A tribute page for Ayrton Senna

Hello guys, my name is Vinicius i’m 18, and live in São Paulo- Brazil.

This is my first project, and i have to admit that this was not that easy for me, because i never had any touch with this tools before i met fCC.

I would like if you guys give me a feedback, it will help a lot!!

Thank you for your time, and excuse me for my poor english! ^^

Well done m8.

First time using a image slider for the timeframe. Looks REALLY nice. It genuinly made me interested in the life of Ayrton Senna. So… mission accomplished? The “Read More” link, despite being able to simply scroll down, really helps with the flow of everything. Overall just a pleasurable experience. :smiley:

Maybe add border radius to the .carousel-inner inner class?
I personally liked it at around 4px

.carousel-inner {
  border-radius: 4px;

Keep it up! :+1:

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I’m very happy for being capable to make you interested in Ayrton Senna’s life. He really is an inspiration about determination, hard work, and winning thirst.

I’ll follow you hint, and try the border radius.

Thank you for supporting!