My First Project: Any Reviews?(Wider_ Wings)

Please do tell me how my work looks like and if any kind of feedback is there or amendments to done , please do tell me. Your reviews will help me to nurture myself. Thank You.

Regards :slightly_smiling_face: Suraj


#1 A huge white gap on top of the page.
#2. A white stripe right under the navbar. Now it might not be an issue if you made it on purpose, but it looks as if the page title should occupy that area.
#3. Your dropdown menu has an odd gear icon.
#4. Not fully responsive
#5. Header should not be in the <head> element! It lives in the body of the html!

The main issue is your page markup. Like #5. There’s lots of cleaning to be done. You have empty elements, with no content in them, so their purpose is totally unclear, therefore you should erase them from your document or populate with some content. (<div> element that has nothing inside right after the header). Indentation is something you should strongly review. Your mark up style is not consistent (you use very condensed markup in one place, then sparsely written in another). That’s it for now I think. Best of luck